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What You Will Get

Whatever the projects we take, from the web design and application development to business consultancy and event management, you will get the solution in the end. The solution will be unique.

Turnaround Time

We do not have a specific turnaround time. Every project has its own dependencies. Based on those dependencies and requirements that the customers give us we provide the solution. So, if you expect us to give you a turn around time then make sure you have decided with us after reading the terms of service document. If you get a turnaround time for your project, have it in a document signed by us; otherwise we will not be responsible.

Unauthorized use of materials

We will not be responsible for the materials that you provide us for your projects or for any other reason. The material that you transmit to this website or to us (via any means that only we agree upon), will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary.

If the customer is communicating with us via a 3rd party or if you are taking our services and are using us as a third party company for providing services to someone else, we take no responsibility whatsoever of the entire project, unless it is written and you have a signed permission letter for doing so.

Marketing and Promotions

We are also not responsible for the projects we do, that are in relation with politics. We solely take all our work professionally and we do not intend to provoke any movement or are not a part of any political movement.

Communication and Delivery

Communication is purely based on emails. We will not be responsible for doing work that the customers tell us via other communication means. All the deliverables are to be exchanged via email.


      The final products developed by EX3GEN are the sole property of the Customer once payment has been made in full.
      The initial concepts remain our property.
      We have the right to place products developed on the portfolio page of our Website and all other places that we advertise our company.

When a customer agrees to let us work for their project, they automatically agree to the terms of service.